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1710 including 271 international recruits (05.12.18)

  • Leeds has taken CaPP3 recruitment to 1700

    posted on Thursday, 29th November 2018

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    Leeds has taken CaPP3 recruitment to 1700

    Leeds CaPP3 team: Julian Adlard and Alan Liu

    We are delighted to report that on the 28th November 2018 the Leeds Genetics Service team took CaPP3 recruitment to 1700 including international sites!

    Thank you to all

  • CaPP3 Study Day 28th September 2018

    posted on Thursday, 11th October 2018

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    CaPP3 Study Day 28th September 2018

    The CaPP3 study was delighted to be able to hold a study day in Newcastle, on 28th September 2018, to meet with the CaPP3 study teams from around the UK.  CaPP3 Israel were also able to attend the day.

    The meeting was held at the Centre for Life in Newcastle; CaPP3 teams from 19 of the 26 UK sites attended. The Chief Investigator, Sir John Burn welcomed the CaPP3 personnel followed by a CaPP3 update from Dr Gill Borthwick, Cancer Prevention Programme Manager.  Dr Neil Ryan, Manchester University, gave an informative talk about ladies with Lynch syndrome and highlighted the Uterine Protection in Lynch Syndrome Study which is collecting information via a survey to devise more accurate and straightforward ways of diagnosing Lynch syndrome from womb cancers, enabling a move to a universal screening system in the UK.  Pam Secret, Lynch Syndrome UK, told the story of her own personal Lynch syndrome diagnosis and journey and thanked the CaPP3 Study for making a difference to people with Lynch syndrome.  Dr Fiona McRonald, Public Health England, gave us an interesting talk about the Cancer Registry which aims to open sharing of data and the use of consistent data collection methodologies, collating genotype/phenotype data, and encouraging a standard approach to variant interpretation.  Last but not least, our CaPP3 Statistician, Professor Tim Bishop from Leeds University, gave the group an enlightening presentation 'Statistics made simple for CaPP3'.

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