CaPP3 is go!

posted on Thursday, 1st September 2011

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Now that we have the result of the CAPP2 study which shows that regular aspirin significantly reduces cancer risk in Lynch syndrome, we now need to try and work out the best dose.  

If you carry a mismatch repair gene defect and would like to help in our worldwide effort to answer this important question please leave us your email address and we will contact you.  Our plan is to invite volunteers to be randomly put into one of three groups taking either 600mg (2 tablets like in CAPP2), 300mg (one tablet) or a mini aspirin (75-100mg) then see what happens over the next few years.  we need at least 3000 people to make this work.  If we can, it will give the next generation the best chance of avoiding cancer while keeping side effects to a minimum.

To show your interest in participating in the trial please register your details.

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