The CaPP3 Study Day for UK site teams was held in London on 29th September 2017

posted on Thursday, 12th October 2017

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The CaPP3 study was delighted to be able to hold a study day, on 29th September, to meet with the CaPP3 study teams from around the UK.

The meeting was held at Friends House in London; CaPP3 teams from 22 of the 26 UK sites attended. The Chief Investigator John Burn welcomed the CaPP3 personnel and gave a talk entitled 'Why repurpose aspirin?', showing the increasing weight of evidence for aspirin to be prescribed for cancer prevention, especially in high risk populations. Richard Gallon, PhD student with the CaPP3 study at Newcastle University, talked to the group about his Lynch Syndrome related research. It was also an opportunity to discuss the recent amendment to the open phase of the study and address any problems with study systems. 

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